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'The Art of the Door to Door Sale' is a great manual to introduce new salespeople to the field of selling door to door. Ron provides the tools and a complete look at the ins and outs of a line of work that can take many, many years to learn to do well. How do you overcome potential customers' most common objections? How do you lead a customer to buy what you are selling? What are the ways to increase your likelihood of 'getting that sale'? All of these are addressed in his manual.

Much emotion and thought is involved on both sides of the selling process. I feel much more confident knowing what my potential buyer's emotions and thoughts are before attempting to sell to them! Ron teaches you how to master your approach in order to maximize your profits and, in turn, help make you a master in your craft. A lot of trial and error is involved in becoming a great salesman, but there will be much less guesswork involved once you've read Ron's manual !

Brandon Robin

Business Developer; Sunshine Cleaners, Baton Rouge, LA

Ron's sales manual, The Art of the Door to Door Sale, is just fantastic! I took a ton of notes and it will definitely help us in growing our Routes. It should be required reading for all drivers, managers, csr's...there's something in there for everyone!!.... I've been focusing a lot on making personal contact with all of our customers through cards, knocking on doors just to say hello, etc. after your last visit and it has definitely helped us in retention. I'm trying to get my team into a regular routine that allows them to be more effective at retention work, but also allows us time for new customer sales. Again, your book was terrific and very thorough, it'll help all of us!! I'm fired up!!

Brian Martinez

Route Manager/ Martino's Cleaners; Kenosha, Wisconsin

We have been reading Ron's Manual as a group and just love it! We're been working through it chapter by chapter at our weekly Wednesday Sales meetings and are really enjoying it and learning as a team ! I definitely find the wording and ideas easier to follow than any other material I've ever read on Routes! We definitely want to have Ron in soon for training work with our people after reading his great manual!

Marlena Calobong

Route District Manager

Admiral Cleaners; Annapolis, Maryland

I have found Ron's manual completely thought provoking! Reading it has pointed out many of our company's shortcomings and has opened our eyes to some of the sales issues we've had in promoting our home delivery service. Better yet, it has shown us really great ideas to overcome the hurdles and sell better! Although nothing is an easy fix, Ron's complete manual has given us the tools necessary to build and move forward. Ron is the best at what he does and we are looking forward to his next visit!

Dale Berlau

Owner, Tower Cleaners; Kansas City, MO

Ron, we've heard really great things about your work and I just ordered your manual to get us started the correct way! We realize that we have to create a stronger Route service to compete in today's economy and to beat the competition we're now facing. We are really excited and can't wait to get started!! Your manual has fired us up for the great opportunities out there for us!

Dave Coyle

Owner/ In the Bag Cleaners ; Wichita, KS

Your awesome manual ' The Art of the Door to Door Sale ' has inspired me to really look at our Route Program again and go forward to the next level!! The Sanitone Seminar Route presentations you did were brilliant and we can't wait to move on everything we learned from you!! Our area is really ripe for a major push on our Routes. Thanks Again!!

Terry Thorsteinson

Owner/ Bregg Cleaners, Tailors and Furriers; Regina SK Canada

After reading Ron’s complete Sales training manual, you'll find that it will really help you close the sales much easier ! Easy to read and understand, I know we can start to really grow our business when we perfect the methods he suggests. Thanks Again…This is really Good Stuff!

Steven Phillips

Z Cleaners; Scottsdale, AZ

It was a real pleasure meeting Ron at the recent Sanitone National meeting and experiencing his awesome Route presentations! We are all really excited about all the great info we received and our Route team is pumped up to put some of the techniques that Ron teachs to work from his winning sales training manual which we just purchased online!

Andrea Kramer Wilcox

V.P. Sales/City Apparel; Findlay, Ohio

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