Ron was exactly what I was looking for to get our Route Program off and running. My only regret was that I didn't have him in sooner! Ron is full of energy and has a real

go-getter attitude as a "Lets Do It" kind of guy. Don't waste valuable time and money trying to do it yourself. Get Ron!

Rob Whitmire; Owner

White Star Dry Cleaners; Chattanooga, TN

Ron spent a week with us here at French Cleaners and did a great job getting our entire team pumped up about our Route efforts. Ron was quick to build up a rapport with our drivers and gave us quick and easy strategies to grow our home delivery business. Ron's coaching helped us all to refocus on our Route business and I highly recommend his services!

Mark Hatch; Manager

French Cleaners; West Hartford, CT

Bringing Ron in to work with us was the best investment we could have made for our Route business! Ron brought fresh new ideas into our stale route efforts. He is not only passionate about the door to door selling but filled with practical knowledge that comes from his years of experience. I strongly recommend Ron to anyone who wants to take their Route business to the next level!

Myong Kim; Owner

Hi Tech Cleaners; Gig Harbor, WA

We decided to bring Ron in to work with our team after having met him at the Atlanta Clean Show and I'm glad we did! Ron is smart and very knowledgeable of the Dry Cleaning industry and his enthusiasm is contagious. In working with our team, he not only presented great information and techniques, but also demonstrated them, as well.

Ron meets our staff where they are and coaches each person to the next level, based on each of their strengths! Using the techniques and skills that Ron brings us with each visit, our team is getting more and more excited with the results they are achieving. I always look forward to his next visit!

Tom Prionas; President

Fabric Care Cleaners; Indianapolis, IN

As CEO of Quality Plus Cleaners in Tampa, I saw the immediate need to optimize our route service and knew I needed the help of an expert in the industry. After researching the consultants available to lead our team in increased sales and a solid program, my clear choice was Ron Herrmann. Ron was extremely direct, focused, passionate and knowledgeable and knew exactly what my team needed and carefully explained the process on how to achieve our goals!

In just a short time, we saw results of great satisfaction for me as the owner. I also realized quickly that Ron was extremely hands-on as he quickly implemented the training to accomplish our goals and establish systems without my needing to be involved! There is no other Route consultant in our industry that has the uniqueness that Ron has for Routes; from his professionalism to his success in restoring the confidence of both our drivers and customers in firing up our Route division! My team have quickly developed great and positive attitudes, which became very noticeable!

Ron is the best consultant available in the industry for your business. My team always looks forward to Ron's sales training and I highly recommend his services to everyone because of my confidence in his expertise and training that not only will grow your company's revenues but will make an amazing impact on your team's attitude and approach to growth!

Hass Agemy; CEO

Quality Plus Cleaners; Tampa, FL

We had been in the Route business for 2 years when we decided to bring Ron in as a consultant. Ron has been an excellent source of knowledge and a great teacher and motivator for both us and our route developers. His training has guided us towards change and improvement and has provided us with an excellent resource that we can quickly reach out to!

Ron's energy and enthusiasm is contagious, not only with our staff, but the prospects that Ron meets at the door! We highly recommend working with Ron if you are thinking about starting a home delivery Route or if you are looking to improve your current Route business!

Joseph Dubasik and Joanna Dubasik Beverly; Owner and Manager

Rite Cleaners/ DC Home Express; Youngtown, AZ

Ron brings a passion for selling that is unlike anyone I've ever been around. Most importantly, he has the unique ability to instill this passion into those he is coaching! From the rookies to the seasoned veterans, his ideas and techniques were the shot in the arm that we needed. I look forward to increased sales, efforts and especially enthusiasm! Our entire team benefits from his many years of experience and we always look forward to his next visit!

Mark Folzenlogen; Owner

A-One Dry Cleaners Inc.; Cincinnati, OH

We just finished up our first visit with Ron and we're so glad we pulled the trigger to bring him in! Our Route drivers were very pessimistic that selling the service at the door was achievable and had resorted to strictly leaving out door hangers rather than door knocking. Ron proved to them that it's totally possible to sell at the door when choosing the right prospects and homes!

Our drivers were both shocked and excited at how many customers they brought in for the short four day visit Ron was with them! Ron gave them the necessary tools to find great clients and the verbiage to successfully bring them on board! Ron's background and enthusiasm has shifted our Route business to a new growth mindset. I highly recommend that you bring Ron in for sales training if you're not achieving the route growth you're looking for!

Monika Manter; VP Sales

Balfurd Cleaners; State College,PA

Thanks a million for your many great, informative and exciting visits! Your observations, ideas and suggestions have helped us overcome some self-imposed roadblocks and move rapidly to the next level. We are more than excited about the prospects of growing our route division with the many ideas and suggestions you've presented us. From coaching us on winning Route sales to your impressive referral program, you've kept us on track and striving to put everything into action!!!! We always look forward to your visits and working with you. Thanks again!!

Warren Alderman and Kay Zahm

Owners/ Steamers Cleaners; Yucaipa, CA 

After hearing a lot of great things throughout the industry and through fellow Methods for Management members, I decided to give Ron a call. We had been running our Routes virtually the same way since I've been in the industry. Our Route team was tired, stuck in their ways and lacking motivation.

Ron came at us with so much intensity and enthusiasm that he managed to knock some long lost sense into our way of thinking and completely fired everyone up! He worked with each of my team on an individual basis and showed them how to comfortably interpret his selling techniques and made it fit with their distinct personalities. Since his visit, all 3 of my drivers have consistently added more than 20 new customers each month with 11% growth!

Ron gave us the focus we needed that was drastically lacking in our company. I would highly recommend Ron if you're thinking of starting a Route or already have established Routes, such as ours. His sales and growth strategies and techniques are very straight forward and after implementing his recommended new sales goals and minimum expectations with our Routes, we couldn't be happier with the results!

Alonso Corona; Owner

Greenes Cleaners; Napa, CA 

I recently hired consultant Ron Herrmann to assist in my business challenges in creating a new home delivery Route service more than 50 miles away from our main plant. Ron spent the week instilling in me the sales fundamentals necessary in gaining new customers by presenting to them the features and benefits of using our new Route service. Because of Ron's hands on approach and expansive knowledge of the Route business, I'm excited and confident that I now possess the tools to grow this new division of our business!

Robert Amborn; General Manager

United/ River City Cleaners; Vicksburg, MS

Ron has made a big impact on my approach to Route building. It's obvious he loves training others in the art of selling door to door and his training methods are easy to learn and use. I recommend him to anyone serious about growing their Routes!

Larry Hill; President

Dandy/ American Cleaners; Charlotte, NC

Ron recently worked with our team in Edmonton while I was away at a conference. When I returned on Ron's last day with us, he had already spent time with our drivers on the Routes and I noticed an immediate positive shift in mindset among our sales and management team. Our team and I had a final meeting with Ron and we started implementing as a Company, many of his recommendations with immediate results!

I have two Routes and they both had record sales in the very next month! One Route had consistently experienced steady growth and after the visit, improved even more. The second Route had become stagnant in it's growth so I had replaced the salesperson in anticipation of Ron's sales training visit with great effect. This Route had a 42% increase from it's previous record high!

I would highly recommend Ron to any owner or Sales team that is serious about building their business through improved market penetration, improving their Route sales and filling their plant with work! At the end of the day, you will have improved the quality of life for you and your family simply by adjusting your old routine!

Bernie Robitaille, Owner

The Press Gallery; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Ron always provides great inspiring training while working with my team on his visits. My drivers greatly benefit from his enthusiastic, hands on foundational sales coaching! He always brings in a much needed shot of energy on all his visits and our drivers and myself eagerly look forward to them!

Pierre Cinar

Owner/ View Cleaners; Irvine, California

President, California Cleaners Association

Ron's regular visits have always been beneficial for our Route team and staff. His last visit was the first one that I was able to fully participate in and I was very impressed with what he brought to our team ! Ron's coaching and training has given our staff the tools, confidence and knowledge they need to be successful in selling our service at the door. We always look forward to his visits and a continued long lasting relationship!

Donny Moore; Owner

Sunshine Dry Cleaners; Baton Rouge, LA

Ron has worked with our delivery team at The Cleanery on 5 visits within the past 2 years. Having been a route sales/driver for many years on an established route, We've had other consultants in the past to work with us but Ron brought a whole new way of thinking and perspective to sales out in the field.

He has a wonderful positive attitude, and brings out the best in you to help you achieve your professional goals. Each visit has produced concrete results, and motivated our whole team to build our routes to limitless potential. We always look forward to visits from Ron and all of us highly recommend him to work with anyone who is serious about getting the most out of their route business.

Ron is the best at what he does, and will prove it when you have him out to work with you and your team.

Randy Unruh- Route Sales

The Cleanery; Albuquerque, N.M.

Ron provided a great spark plug of energy that we really needed on his recent visit. His strong passion and drive for Route building is rarely seen in the industry and has really helped us in creating a proactive growth program. We feel much more confident in a stronger foundation for future Route growth!!

Brian MacGregor

Owner, Browns Cleaners

Ottawa, Ontario Canada

We had been running a "Route" for almost a year without much success. Ron came out for a week and completely put us on the right track and showed us how to properly sell at the door as well as how to properly convert counter customers to be more profitable. It is worth mentioning that we are located in a tough market for Routes and yet we still had good success the first week at it. We look forward to growing our Route and implementing all that we have learned during the week, which was a lot !!

Eyal Goldman

Owner, Cathy's Cleaners; Bend, OR

It’s truly been an honor to have Ron Herrmann work with us in our mission to develop and grow our Route business. His foresight and knowledge of the industry allowed him to quickly evaluate our situation, isolate the problems, and develop clear solutions to reach our goals.

During his recent visit I had the privilege to watch Ron at work with our people. His ability to motivate and encourage them was incredible. Now they are excited, confident and selling more. There’s no one more passionate about routes than Ron!!

Tom Perry

Operations Manager; Long Cleaners Inc. Dayton, Ohio

President; Ohio Cleaners Association 

I often wonder whether or not it is worth it to attend Sales seminars. Your presentation which I attended was really professional and lots of great information was available to those who want to grow. You were right on in your Route presentation...I couldn't have done it better myself ! I really think that companies could use a guy like you to head or to train and hold accountable their sales force, using your skills to do some training for them and also reinstall some accountability. Good luck with your business...I was very impressed!

John Olmstead

Former Owner; Widmers Cleaners, Cincinnati, Ohio

We had Ron speak at our recent Sanitone seminar in Cincinnati and the response from the attendees was really enthusiastic ! Ron has just what the industry needs to recharge their Route Sales operations. I highly recommend him for training because he's been on the street making the calls for over 20 years and knows what it takes for Dry Cleaners to successfully develop their pick-up and delivery business. Having Ron in will be a real ongoing return on investment for cleaners who are committed to growing their Route Sales !

John P Jordan

President; Fabritec International, Cold Spring, Kentucky

To anyone 'On the Fence' of deciding whether to have Ron in or not to consult with your Route team...Just Do It! Ron has an infectious enthusiasm that can both initiate new Route development and enhance existing Route programs. His focused training will be 'hands-on' with your delivery team but also able to implement strategy with management! Ron's work ethic, industry knowledge and personality will show you the path to success in Route development!

Joe Ziccarelli; Owner

Owl Cleaners; Warrendale, PA

We have wanted to believe that there was a way to build routes without having to do door to door sales, but have come to realize that it simply is not possible. Bag drops don't work and Ron was the perfect choice to show my people how to sell !! My route department needed to have a professional evaluation and we needed to be doing all the best practices. Developing a sales culture within the department involved Ron's techniques of route sales and it was needed for him to conduct the training to do so.

If you are open to suggestions as to how to best proceed with optimizing your delivery department practices as well as finding and training the right salesperson, having Ron visit on a regular basis will help you in firing up your staff and help you to decide the best way to grow.

Bake Shaffer

President/ Shaffer Dry Cleaners; Tucson, AZ

There are so many companies struggling in growing their routes who desperately need Ron's services and the jump start he's able to give them. I always recommend Ron as the leader in Route Consulting and the passion that he brings to Route growth!

Sandra Haralson

Sandra Haralson Drycleaning Consulting; Mt. Pleasant, SC

Thanks for everything, Ron ! I think your recent 4 day visit gave us the jump start that we really needed and a real spark of energy! Our driver is really excited that you've shown him how to sell and grow his Route, adding to his paycheck ! On his first week alone after you left , he had 12 new customers with bags!! He is doing great and has been consistently getting 5 new customers a week and his confidence has been growing every week. I really think his sales are about ready to jump. He is staying very persistent and on top of his follow up visits! Thanks Again !!

Ryan Swonger

Owner, Elite Cleaners; Fayetteville, Arkansas   

We have tried home delivery routes three times before and never achieved our goals. This time is different. We started working with Ron Herrmann and doubled our sales in the first four months. Ron is intense with his training and follow thru. He knows how to build routes and hold our team accountable . We believe Ron is the key to achieving our goals this time and have had him in for three visits. I strongly recommend his services.

Chris Edwards


A Cleaner World , Greensboro, NC

RonHerrmannSells LLC has been recognized as a 9 time award winner in the Employment Training Services Best of Arizona category. The "Best of Local Business" Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the state and identifies companies that have achieved exceptional marketing and client services success in their local community and business category.

Arizona Commerce Authority

Ron brings extensive experience in successful Route building, selling face to face at the door, customer marketing and retention. He is smart, articulate and dependable and I'm especially impressed with his work ethic and commitment to excel and the fact that he is extremely well respected by his industry colleagues and clients. I’m confident that utilizing Ron's coaching talents will be a valuable tool for growth in your company as a Route Sales Consultant. If you think it's expensive to hire a Professional, wait until you see the cost of hiring an amateur!

Rick Dean

President, R.W. Dean & Associates

Williamsville, NY

I have personally worked with Ron and have always been impressed with his organization and customer focus skills. I have recommended Ron to many of my clients and they were extremely impressed with the service and personal attention that he has provided for them.

Trustworthy, personable, and accessible, Ron will be there for any questions, concerns or problems and I highly recommend having Ron Herrmann bring his extensive Route Building Selling skills to your company in the future.

Patrick C. Fox Owner/President

Health Wear of WNY


SINCE 1994

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